In criminal cases

The Public Organization, «Corporate M&A» Corporate Lawyers Associations on criminal cases allows to carry out professional protection of citizens against illegal or unjustified accusations, undue condemnation, restriction of their rights and freedoms. The situations in which suspected person are considered to be accused person until the moment of cases transferring to the courts have become a frequent phenomenon and independent attempts to resolve these situations may not yield positive results. A lawyer having a wide variety of experience will thoroughly examine and weigh all the evidence submitted, involve witnesses into the case, perform any legal actions necessary for the success

We are capable of:


Principle’s representation within the framework of all stages of the criminal proceedings;
to develop the most effective defence strategy in court;
to mitigate the sentence or avoid it;
to protect you from the pressure of investigation, administrative resource;
Prevent inaction of law enforcement authorities;
to contest an unreasonable refusal to institute criminal proceedings.


To provide detailed advice on criminal proceedings, as well as in re available case materials and circumstances, in order to protect the Principal from wrong moves and increase the chances of a successful outcome of the case; 
to conduct a legal analysis of the circumstances;
to collect the evidence needed for the legal position argumentation of the suspect, defendant, convict
to develop a legal position of the victim, suspect, defendant, convict;
to provide legal support in re criminal proceedings at the stage of interrogation, investigation, pre-judicial and judicial examination of the criminal case in order to prevent the pressure of law enforcement authorities and increase the chances for the re-qualification of the article, as well as charges withdrawal;
to prepare all necessary procedure documents;
to protect the interests of the Principal in all judicial instances, investigative and governmental agencies, prosecution authorities, through the program #personal attorney.