In inheritance cases

The issues of hereditary legal relations are clearly specified within the framework of CC of the Republic of Moldova. The subject of inheritance can be movable and immovable property, which is transferred into the ownership of individuals after the owners decease. Under the definition are dwelling houses and apartments, household items and art objects, financial means in monetary terms, shares, the rights to publish materials and much more. The common misconception is that the application to a lawyer for a legal advice is only necessary while a problem arising. A reliable specialist is focused on long-term cooperation and is interested in the client’s welfare. Therefore, he turns into an effective adviser capable of providing qualified legal assistance on a variety of issues and warning against ill-considered actions

Legislation of the Republic of Moldova provides for two possibilities for accepting inheritance: by will and by law. The second option is used in the absence of a will. It should be mentioned that, in addition to the obvious and desirable advantages, entering into an inheritance can have some difficulties. So, the debts of the testator are inheritable. Its payment is assigned to the heirs.

Frequent are situations where the testator does not leave a will for various reasons, or some part of the inheritance is not performed by law.

According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova, coming to the inheritance can be performed in the order of succession. The legal heirs of the first category are parents, children and spouses. There are also persons who are entitled to an obligatory share in the inheritance.

In instances where the legal heirs of the first category are absent, or they have expressed a refusal to register hereditary rights – this right passes to the successors of the next category. Entering into the inheritance, in essence, denotes the division of inherited property between them in equal shares.

What can we do for you?

  • We recognize your right of ownership and inheritance (including through the court action);
  • We will implement the protection of the Claimant or Respondent in court in re inheritance case;
  • We will provide support for the process of recognizing the wills legality or the process of recognizing a will as invalid;
  • We provide legal support for the process of depriving the right to inherit;
  • We solve the problems with the order of succession, the degree of kindred, the distribution of inheritance shares, the right to an obligatory share in the inheritance, etc .;
  • We extend the time of inheritance acceptance;
  • We will assist in the evidence collection;
  • We ensure the declaration of title under the procedure of inheritance by law or by will;
  • We obtain a judicial decision;
  • We observe judgment execution.