Protection of honour and dignity

Most of the disputes about the protection of honour, dignity and business reputation are connected with the Mass Media, while, according to the legislation, responsibility occurs in case of observance of all needed terms: the information was disseminated in any manner, discredited a citizen or organization, and also contradicted the reality. Civil legislation provides for the possibility of protecting honour, dignity and business reputation, in the form of a demand to refute damaging information. For information protecting is being used the patenting, law of copyright, non-disclosure of commercial secrets, and all other legal methods.

Damaging the honour and dignity of a citizen could have adverse effects on him and his activities, due to general public views changing. Protection can be carried out in various ways, prescribed by legislation, including through peaceful negotiations, when the parties are capable to agree on the refutation publishing, as needed, protection is carried out in judicial instances.

For the most correct, fast and effective result, the best way to assert rights would be to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer who, depending on the situation, will adopt a strategy and obtain the desired result. If it is necessary in re protecting the rights through the court action, the lawyers will elaborate and direct the statement of claim, within the framework of which will formulate the requirements for taking measures on violated right protecting.

In most cases, the court satisfies the claim for moral damages.