Economic Crimes

When you are dealing with protecting your organization’s interests in a case of economic crime case or protecting the interests of organization management (executives) being charged with such crimes, the most efficient solution is to resort to the services of an expert who has vast experience and is highly qualified in such cases. To be successful in representing the interests of aforementioned persons a lawyer specialized in economic crime must have extensive experience in civil, tax, corporate, customs, criminal, and criminal procedure law, with a great deal of expertise in economic processes. This kind of crimes always involve a lot of paperwork and use of complex schemes.

How we can help:

  1. We will evaluate the legitimacy and validity of the claims within criminal norms, as well as probability of being convicted in a criminal case;
  2. We will create defense strategy that will allow us to exclude the possibility of being convicted in a criminal case, or significantly minimize the consequences of criminal prosecution;
  3. We will protect your business from possible negative impact of initiation and investigation of a criminal case.

We can offer the following solutions:

  1. Legal expertise of legitimacy and validity of criminal claims, as well as specific actions of law enforcement authorities;
  2. Create defense strategy and collect body of evidence for Client’s defense;
  3. Represent Client’s interest as victim of crime;
  4. On-site assistant to the Client in case of a sudden visit by law enforcement authorities conducting investigation procedures (search, confiscation, interrogation);
  5. Phone consultation about proper actions until the attorney arrives;
  6. Participate in investigation procedures to protect the Client’s rights and minimize the risk of abuse by law enforcement authorities;
  7. Appeal the infractions committed by law enforcement authorities in the course of investigation procedures;
  8. Represent the defendant in court.