The term “Arbitration” implies a certain procedure to resolve commercial and property disputes between businesses and organizations in a civilized manner. This type of disputes, which are inevitable in any kind of business and economic activity, are reviewed by arbitration courts in our country.

Arbitration courts provide solutions with respect to issuing enforcement orders adopted by court on various issues that may arise in the course of commercial economic activities. Arbitration courts also deal with cases of collecting penalties from legal entities and private individuals that are not acting in good faith, or are not providing qualitative and timely services.

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Court proceedings in arbitration courts are merely a formality, since the decisive factor here is the presented body of evidence. First of all the attorney has to work on finding documents and other evidence that can yield positive result. Clearly, the result of an economic dispute does not only depend on documentation but also attorney’s qualifications which are crucial in building a rational strategy of how certain arguments are used.

Arbitration of economic disputes can be classified into the following categories:

Corporate disputes;

Court dispute between founders and shareholders;

Real estate disputes, including property rights for construction projects (buildings) and land;

Construction claims and contractor disputes;

Lease disputes, leasing issues;

Contractual disputes (invalidation of a contract, collection of debt, dissolution);

Bill of credit disputes, primarily related to debt collection;

Copyright and intellectual property;

Claims to protect honor, dignity and reputation;

Appeal government decisions at different levels;

Enforcement proceedings.


With us you will benefit from the following services:

Detailed consultations with regards to arbitration proceedings, case materials and circumstances. First of all the attorney will advise how to settle a dispute without bringing it to court. This allows you not only to settle the issue quickly, but also to avoid court fees;

If the dispute cannot be settled outside of court, the attorney will provide an objective determination of Client’s chances to win, as well as the potential of the dispute being resolved in court;

An attorney specialized in arbitration will help you collect the specific evidence that will help you win the case;

We will provide highly qualified representation of your interest in court;

We will not allow the arbitration proceedings to be delayed in lengthy sessions;

We will protect your rights and interests in arbitration proceedings when the case is reviewed by court of appeal. We will draft and submit claims to appeal the court’s decision, as well as counter-claims against the other party of the dispute;

We will prepare supervisory appeal against court actions not in favor of our Client;

We offer assistance getting refund for court fees;

We attend to enforcement proceedings in arbitration court decisions.

What is included in assistance provided by arbitration attorneys:

Consulting services;

Forecast presumed and possible risks of settling the dispute in court;

Collect required evidence and documents;

Provide qualified evaluation of possible arguments by the counterparty;

Work out a correct legal stance in arbitration case;

Collect all the evidence required to support Client’s claims;

If necessary, submit request for evidence;

Compile and send claims and appeals;

Correctly compile and submit an arbitration claim, claim to court of appeal, and supervisory claim; response to claim, objections to the cause of action and subject of claim;

Compile proceeding documents required in an arbitration case;

Defend the Client’s rights and represent Client’s interests in all court sessions;

Independently receive court decisions, as well as enforcement orders so as to remit them to Client or court enforcement service;

Ensure legal support in the process of fund collection.