Service for Legal Entities

All and any business activities of a legal entity are regulated by law. Failure to comply with requirements or legal norms regulating financial and business activities may result in penalties, administrative or even criminal liability. Therefore a business owner who cares about commercial success of their business will make sure to secure qualified support of a law firm.

Business processes of a company require mandatory legal control. Some companies hire an in-house corporate lawyer, but one person cannot manage a load of multiple checks and inspections.

Nowadays a lawyer who can provide legal support to a business is a high-demand profession in the legal field. Essentially this professional is as critical to the business operations as a full-time employee, the difference being that it is cheaper and more efficient.

Comprehensive legal solutions for businesses as offered on the market include legal assistance provided by highly qualified lawyers in various areas of company’s activities, consultations on any legal issues, etc.

Experts take part in organizing the company’s activities at all stages. In-house lawyer of the legal entity can also provide legal assistance. But it is important to remember that one lawyer is not capable of covering all legal issues. This is due to many reasons: there are several branches of law, and each one requires unique knowledge and expertise.

A lawyer that works for a small company does not have a chance to acquire enough experience, lacks diversity in practical experience, and therefore is not fully aware of court practices.

Advantages of working with us:

By signing a contract for continuous legal support of your business you can ensure that any issues in this area are now under the control of professionals;

You will benefit from services of specialists with over 10 years of experience who conduct seminars at famous universities, and experts from leading business mass media who are ready to answer any of your questions regarding business activities of your organization;

Proper negotiation techniques – our lawyers are experienced negotiators, and they can resolve any dispute at minimum cost for your business;

Broad-based knowledge and extensive practical experience of our lawyers allows them to offer solutions for a wide range of problems;

Lawyer’s confidentiality clause ensures that information about company’s activities remains undisclosed;

Lawyer’s status allows them to defend company’s management in criminal cases or administrative civil cases;

Cooperation with a law firm always yields economically efficient results. Besides, you do not have to worry about maintaining your in-house legal department;

We provide qualitative security audit, guaranteed resolution of any violations of legal requirements and create safe environment for commercial activities.


What you acquire:

Verbal or written legal consultations on administrative, corporate, economic, and civil law issues;

Representation of company’s interests in front of public authorities at different levels;

Qualitative elaboration, execution, and legal expertise of corporate documents: anything from economic, civil law and annual collective agreements to position descriptions of personnel including parties’ liabilities;

Legal support of corporate commercial transactions involving real estate (lease, sublease, sale);

Representation of company in court;

Assistance in the process of company’s registration or reorganization, corrections to corporate articles of association;

Audit of company’s documents to verify legal compliance;

Same with regards to verification of existent contracts and agreements, expert help in drafting such agreements in the future;

Expert opinions on any legal issues that may arise in the course of business activities of the legal entity;

We prepare documents for debt collection, create a system to prevent debts to be incurred by the subscriber;

We represent the client in relation to various state authorities, organizations, institutions, public officials;

We defend client’s interests in court, provide assistance in enforcement proceedings, etc;

Legal support in transactions to sell business.

Our service “Personal Attorney” includes three packages: BASIS, STANDART and PREMIUM with fees paid on a monthly basis.

Legal services, legal assistance provided by lawyers employed by law firms, members of bar associations, are not subject to VAT.