Tax Crimes

Tax delinquency may lead to criminal charges. In reality such claims are not always justified, and can appear as a result of significant violation of rights and interests of the legal entity and its management and employees. The most efficient way to protect your interests is to seek assistance of an attorney who will arrive to your office immediately in case of office search (sequestration), and will also provide legal expertise on the actions committed by law enforcement authorities. The attorney will also represent the Client at law enforcement authorities in the course of investigation procedures, will prepare and submit complaints against law enforcement authorities, and if necessary represent Client in court.

How we can help:

Evaluate validity and legitimacy of criminal complaints and probability of criminal charges being pressed;

Work out defense strategy that will allow us to exclude the possibility of criminal charges, or significantly minimize the consequences of criminal prosecution;

Protect your business from possible negative impact of criminal case being started and investigated.

We can offer the following solutions:

Legal opinion on the legitimacy and validity of criminal complaints, as well as specific actions committed by law enforcement authorities;

Work out defense strategy and collect body of evidence to defend the Client;

On-site presence in case of sudden visit by law enforcement authorities conducting investigation procedures (search, confiscation, interrogation);

Provide phone consultations about proper course of action until attorney arrives;

Participate in investigation procedures in order to defend the Client’s rights and minimize the risk of abuse by law enforcement authorities;

File complaints against violations committed by law enforcement authorities during investigation;

Represent the defendant in court.