Intellectual property and copyright law

In accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova, intellectual property is the right of a physical or legal entity to the results of its intellectual work, unique technologies and means, as well as the possession of copyright, patents, trademarks, names and so on. Intangible value of all spheres of human activity are used as intellectual property

The problem of intellectual property protection is one of the hottest topics of country’s legal system developing. The fact is that within the framework of abovementioned field of activity the interests of right holders are rather poorly protected, since most copyright objects are illegally distributed in the worldwide virtual network, by producing illegal products.

The most common is the classification in which abovementioned property right is divided into two categories:

– Ownership in the industrial and scientific fields;

– Copyright in literature, art, etc.

The procedure for protecting this type of property can be carried out in several ways:

First of all, you can patent your own invention, technology or other object, which will grant an exclusive right to use for your own purposes and interests.

Also, a fairly common method of protection is obtaining exclusive rights to reproduce the intellectual property object.

Within the framework of the entrepreneurial sphere, the form of intellectual property protection is brand names and trademarks.

What to Expect when you contact us:

Detailed consultations in issues of intellectual property protection;

The duty of lawyers and patent attorneys from the professional community includes a patent or legal mandate. This means that they are entitled to assume responsibility for the patent and legal services rendering. Under the services should be understood the following: registration of intellectual property (this is the simplest action) – patenting, registration of title (including abroad);

Our lawyers’ activities include the protection of intellectual property rights in administrative, judicial and claim order. Protection of rights can occur in the Arbitration Court, Customs, in court instance, etc;

Providing protection from unfair advertising, trade secrets protecting, as well as honour, dignity and business reputation;

Elaboration of the claim in court in case of the intellectual property subject rights violation;

Handling of intellectual property rights transfer on a case-by-case basis.

We offer the following opportunities in re intellectual property rights protection, namely:

  • Consultations, analysis of a specific situation, expert witness testimony;
  • Pre-trial negotiations conducting
  • Drawing up claims in re violations of copyright or related rights;
  • Everything related to patent services: patenting of industrial designs /pre-production prototype/, inventions, utility models;
  • Contesting decisions of the responsible authority;
  • Protecting of the right holder interests in law enforcement authorities, antimonopoly and judicial instances;
  • Legal support of the copyright registration process in all authorities;
  • Legal support of the trade mark (sign, patent) registration process;
  • Drawing up, alteration and registration of documents in re property rights disposal;
  • Appeal petitions in higher instances;
  • Antitrust practice allowing to fight unfair competition or advertising;
  • Domain-Name-Disputes Resolution;
  • Registration of databases, computer programs, trademarks;
  • Accounting for the PCT system for international patenting;
  • Know-how, franchising and commercial secrets;
  • Participation in court proceedings, control over the execution of a court decision.

It should also be mentioned that the copyright protection is regulated by various jurisprudence branches. For violations of the authors or assignees rights are provided as penalties in the form of financial payments, as well as criminal liability with more severe consequences for the offender.