Real Estate. Land. Construction

The questions or land ownership and disposal, as well as real estate questions often become subject of disputes between beneficiaries. Most of the time registration of property right by owners is a rather painful and time consuming process. The required documents have to be obtained under a lot of pressure, or by involving third parties. Therefore, when there is a conflict of interests it may lead to a lengthy war between the contenders. To make matters worse, parties to the process have to deal with public authorities, which makes it even more difficult to find a reasonable compromise.

Any real estate transactions require legal support. People often admit it only after they have had a really bad experience. This is why various kinds of fraudulent real estate transactions are still very common.

What you get when you resort to our assistance:

– we protection your property rights for your real estate and land

– settle disputes in court or in pre-trial procedures

– provide legal support in the course of preparation process and investment projects in construction;

– provide legal support when a real estate project is cleared for operation;

– protect rights and interests of construction company in the course of legal proceedings;

– minimize the risks in real estate transactions, transactions with buildings, structures, premises, land plots, unfinished construction, etc.

We offer the following solutions:

– provide consultations on any land related questions and all aspects of construction activities and real estate transactions;

– provide legal assistance in real estate and land sale transactions;

– collect and exercise the required permits;

– represent the contractor’s interest in relation to public authorities and institutions;

– provide legal opinions on all documents required for real estate transactions, land transactions, construction;

– provide assistance in obtaining cadaster registration ID;

– provide assistance in case if request for land privatization is denied by public authorities.

– elaborate contractual clauses and execute agreements;

– represent client’s rights and interests in court proceedings both in primary and secondary real estate market;

– settle disputes regarding legitimacy of sale agreement, lease agreement, donation agreement, etc;

– counter and appeal refusal to register property rights for real estate, land, etc;

– provide legal support in the calculations of payments due for real estate;

– provide legal support in obtaining the required permits for renovation or building additions;

– legal proceedings related to recognition of property rights for real estate, land;

– dispute to appeal lien and other restrictions on use of real estate, land, etc;

– control over enforcement of court decisions.