Debt collection

The most efficient method of collecting debt is requesting professional help. Few people know that prompt beginning of collection process yields almost immediate results. If you go down this path you can significantly reduce the debt, or obtain full reimbursement of the debt. This method is much more efficient if the creditor is represented by an expert who has a lot of experience in the field.

Despite appearing relatively easy, collection claims are rarely that. Seemingly, there is nothing complicated: there are two parties – a debtor and a creditor, there are documents confirming debt amount. But this is often not enough to successfully collect a debt. The debtor will often avoid the creditor if they don’t have the funds to repay the debt, or, even worse, debt documents were drafted incorrectly. This is by far not an exhaustive list of possible problems. Debt collection lawyer protects interests of the client not only in this situations when debtor is a natural person, but also when a legal entity refuses to honor its obligations. Legal entities often use their position to refuse repayment of debt, counting on the fact that the creditor does not have the necessary knowledge to win this battle.

How you can benefit from our services:

– we will enforce the financial obligations in court or in pre-trial proceedings;

– represent your interests at all authorities, collect the necessary documents to achieve the desired judgment by court, save your time and money;

– if necessary, file claims with superior authorities;

– control the enforcement of court order by enforcement officers.

Our actions:

– we will invite you for a detailed consultation, to study all the materials;

– participate in pre-trial proceedings;

– participate in court proceedings;

– if necessary, participate in appealing court decision;

– obtain enforcement order and court decision in person;

– take part in the court decision enforcement via court enforcement services;

– appeal court decision that came into force, in exercise of supervisory powers.

To avoid waste of time and money it is recommended to use services of an experienced lawyer who is well familiar with all possible nuances of debt collection. Once familiarized with the case, the lawyer will do all the ground work, collect missing documents; work with the debtor on collecting the debt, represent the client and obtain the desired result in court.