In housing issues

In modern society, every citizen has various kinds of issues and disputes in re housing, whether it is the housing purchase or sale, real estate registration in ownership, the housing seizure from unlawful illicit  use by other persons, the need for real estate division, multiple dwelling management, social rent of housing and other. Timely appeal to a qualified specialist will help not only avoid such situations, protect and restore the violated right by the procedure prescribed by law within the shortest possible time, but also be sure of the services rendered quality.

When you contact us you will be provided with:

  • Detailed legal advice on further actions allowing you to handle this;
  • Motivated legal opinions on all issues in re residential real estate;
  • Complex follow-up support of transactions with residential real estate assisted by a lawyer;
  • Assistance in drawing up and obtaining the necessary documents for the successful completion of an affair (transaction);
  • Familiarization with documentation, elaboration and commencement of an action in court;
  • Attorney participating directly in the court session;
  • Participation in the course of appealing a court decision that has not entered into legal force;
  • Qualified protection of your rights through all stages of the dispute, both in the pre-trial and in court order;
  • Protection of your rights by a lawyer in the course of court decision execution within the framework of the Enforcement Agents Service.

Consultations and recommendations in the current situation, protection of your rights through all stages of the dispute, drafting of documents, support of transactions with real estate, examination of the documents purity – this is just a small part of what an association specialist can do on behalf of the client