Personal Lawyer Program

In our society there is a popular opinion that an appeal to a lawyer should occur only after the problem arising. However, a qualified council is able to prevent extreme legal situations. The family lawyer’s direct task is to ensure the legal security of the principal and his family members.
Such approach causes the lawyer to think through the Client’s problem. A personal lawyer – legal adviser is obliged to represent and protect the interests of his Client not only in those moments when the need arises. One of its main tasks is the rash acts preventing. In developed countries, the service usage of personal lawyer has become a tradition for a long time. This specialist’s activity can be compared with the personal physician’s activities, who provides targeted care for the health of his client. But in the first case the specialist will take care in re the full legal security of the Principal within 24 hours.

What is the Personal Lawyer Activity?

Great importance within the framework of family lawyers’ activity has a trusting relationship with the Principal. A lawyer having considerable experience and knowledge turns into a valuable adviser on various issues, whose assistance is required daily during the process of long-term cooperation

What privileges do you get?

The choice in favour of a personal lawyer allows you to immediately receive the needed legal assistance in any situation. Such specialist becoming a constant companion in life and business will render immediately assistance to the client in re determining the legality of his actions: in the past, present and future. The sooner a client resorts to his personal lawyer, the more he has a chance to avoid the occurrence of many unpleasant situations and problems.


The contract concluded under the program “personal lawyer” is an agreement on mutually beneficial relationships between two partners, in which trust becomes the basis for the lawyer’s successful work.

The conclusion of the contract is certified by the personalized card receipting, where the all needed information about a personal lawyer is indicated. Law enforcement authorities must immediately notify a personal lawyer while presenting the abovementioned card by his client.


The subscriber of the program has significant benefits in paying for all subsequent lawyers’ services:

–    Lawyer attendance while detaining a subscriber by law enforcement officers, /performed within 24 hours/

–  Providing telephone initial consultations in re legal issues (civil, criminal, administrative, housing, matrimonial relationship, etc.).

– Providing telephone consultations on personal safety and in re behaviour in potentially dangerous and conflict situations

– Providing telephone consultations in re relationship with law-enforcement agencies;

– Providing telephone consultations in re behavioural rules in emergency situations


Lawyers closely interact with various government institutions, as well as with law enforcement authorities, which assists in quickly search for the best ways in settling complex problems facing the client.

– For more details overview the service and in re conclusion of the agreement, the lawyer’s administrator could visit you.

Monthly maintenance for subscriber card is from 150 CCU.

Monthly maintenance for subscriber card and for his first-degree relatives is from 250 CCU.

Special offer: concluding an agreement based on “Personal Lawyer Program” for a long period, the following system of discounts would be applied:

— Conclusion of the agreement for 3 years – 5%.

— Conclusion of the agreement for 5 years – 7%

— Conclusion of the agreement for 7 years – 10%.

Warning: additional special corporate, group and family discounts are provided