Insurance Lawyer

The relationship between the insurance company and the insured is a puzzling field of ​​law. Often, the insurer refuses to fulfill the treaty obligations, compiling voluminous documents, using various methods of influence in order to subsequently deny payments. Winning a dispute with an insurance company often is not easy and can be challenging, in particular because the insurance company is represented by a staff of lawyers who have sufficient judicial practice. For successful conflict resolution, it is worthwhile to lawyer up with base practice in conducting similar cases

It is worth of taking advantage using the legal support if the insurer delays the payment terms, refuses to take documents, understates the amount of insurance proceeds or imposes the amount of damage made by its appraisal company, refuses to recognize the fact of the road accident, as well as in case insurance unavailability at guilty party or his drunken inebriated state. It is also necessary to seek the repayment of the insurance premium part in case of pre-term cancellation of the contract.

In cooperation with us:

  • We will contest refusal in re insurance indemnity payments;
  • You will avoid delaying the payment deadlines;
  • You will avoid understating the payment amount;
  • You will avoid delaying the deadlines for agreeing to repair your car at a service station (CASCO);

Get a guide for action in revoking a license and / or bankruptcy insurance company.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the reimbursement of expenses for a lawyer is imposed on the losing side by the court, in other words, while case winning, the Insurance Company will not only make all the due payments and interest for its, but also pay comprehensively all your attorney fees.