Police Checks

Police may visit company’s office in order to collect information about an imminent crime, crime being committed or committed in the past. In order to pass such inspection successfully, ensure that the organization’s interests and employees rights are protected it is most efficient to have an experienced lawyer present on-site at the time of police visit. The lawyer will help avoid situations where company’s rights and interests (or the rights of affiliated individuals) are violated. The lawyer will promptly react to any violations, will not allow for seizure of documents, counter unlawful detention of employees at the office, as well as personal search.

Due to the nature of our business we often encounter law enforcement authorities, which, although they are called law enforcement, are not always there to protect our rights. Mostly, their role is to control various aspects of our activities, identify infractions, and collect information and evidence confirming guilt.

Communicating with these authorities is not quite pleasant, and often is resumed to them trying to place blame on us, which makes us feel guilty by default and attempt to stop the process by all means.

To minimize the occurrence of such instances, or make them as quick and painless as possible we all have to know our rights, as well as the rights and responsibilities of law enforcement authorities.

In more complex situations it is important to know how to use your knowledge and apply it as necessary considering the circumstances, with regards to the visiting officials.

If the visit went too far, got out of control, and there is a reason for concern, it is reasonable to resort to the services of an expert.

How we can help:

  1. Experienced attorney will help avoid any violations of lawful rights and interests of the company, its management and employees, and will promptly address any infractions, however small they may be;
  2. A well-qualified expert will not only offer assistance during police visit, but will also explain how to exercise your rights most efficiently; will prepare the requested documents; file complaint against unlawful actions by law enforcement officials.
  3. Attorney will not allow police officers to abuse their powers, or will duly document them, and consequently file a complaint. Assistance provided by an experienced attorney is effective and justified in case of any kind of checks and inspections. It can make a difference in protecting the reputation of the company and its future.

We can offer the following solutions:

  1. Attorney will promptly arrive at your office in case of unexpected visit by officials;
  2. Phone consultations about proper course of action until the attorney arrives;
  3. Explain your rights and responsibilities, as well as rights and responsibilities of the law enforcement officials (verbal /written);
  4. Analyze the situation, collect information, including identifying the reasons why the visit is taking place, and the intentions of the visiting authorities;
  5. Prepare response to request for information and documents from the police department;
  6. Elaborate specific recommendations and rules of conduct for management and personnel in the course of inspection;
  7. Provide training at your office (a seminar about action plan in case of police visit);
  8. Represent your interests in case you are summoned to the law enforcement authorities;
  9. File complaints against infractions committed by police officers during the visit.